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Tie Dye Color Guard Life Sublimation Transfer

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Tie Dye Color Guard Life HTV or Sublimation Transfer

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Sublimation Transfers:

  • Requires a heat press.  You cannot use an iron or Easy Press.
  • Can only be pressed on light colored polyester fabrics.  The higher the poly %, the better, but less than 50% is not recommended.  Sublimation ink is transparent, so it won't show on dark fabrics and only adheres to the polyester fibers.
  • Press on 385-400 degrees F for 60 seconds with medium to firm pressure.  Temperature and time may vary based on your press.

We highly recommend that you test everything first.  You can purchase the smaller versions of the pattern for a trial run before "wasting" a full size transfer on a good shirt.  Everyone should have "test" fabrics and shirts on hand for practice.  We also sell scrap bundles of printed HTV that are great for perfecting your methods.